Water Audit

Cistern Controls : Water Saving

Advice on water saving measures such as cistern controls may follow a water audit

Detecting & repairing water leakage is only part of the comprehensive water management services available at Token Engineering.

Auditing water usage is an essential part of establishing whether leakage is present and in assisting users to become more efficient in their use of water.

Our Audit & Efficiency services often start with Consumption Analysis which enables us to assess leakage Vs wastage fron uncontrolled process, poor urinal controls, washroom overuse and similar wastage points. We can carry out a full consumption & physical audit to provide both the raw information and recommendations that help organisations regain control of their water usage & reduce costs.

Temporary water metering installed by Token Engineering of MerseysideTemporary water metering installed by Token Engineering as part of water audit.Token Engineering operate our own data loggers for monitoring consumption and can install temporary metering if necessary.

Our water audit & efficiency services are available direct to the end user & through main contractors as well as being available to pipeline contractors who require pipeline integrity checks or pressure testing.