Water Leakage

Water Leakage causes problems across a wide range of sites. From the largest of hospital or factory sites, through to light industrial, commercial & even household leakage, that water leak can not only cost money but can lead to increased bills, lost production, contamination or even ground erosion.

At Token Engineering, we specialise in Intelligent Water Leak Detection. We won’t just start digging, we’ll look at your overall situation and use a range of techniques to accurately identify the likely leak location.

Water Leak Detection: We use a combination of methods to locate the area of the leak and have an impressive track record in working across a wide variety of sites with leaks under buildings, tiled floors, concrete, screed, grass, tarmac, flagging, block paving, pavements & even flower beds.

We’ll often make use of the tried & tested acoustic listening ‘stick’ that still works well in many situations but for more challenging leaks, we’re also well versed in the use of electronic leak noise correlation.

When pressurised water escapes from a leak, it creates a sound wave (leak noise) that travels along the pipe. Leak Noise Correlators use sensors either side of the suspected leak area and a base unit measures the time difference in the noise arriving from each sensor to calculate a precise location for the leak.

Alternatively, we make use of a speciality tracer gas which is injected into the pipe and then a ‘sniffer’ unit detects where the gas escapes. The gas will mix with water or can be used as neat gas in an isolated pipe.

The tracer gas we use is 95% Nitrogen & 5% Hydrogen, safe & inert to mix with drinking water if required.

We frequently undertake Step Testing – using staged, stepped isolation to audit a site’s water flow & identify areas containing leakage.

Top Tip: For our domestic customers, if your bill’s gone up, don’t assume you’ve got a leak straightaway.

• Might it be due to the new water rates? (Usually updated in April)
• Do you have a history of estimated bills? They might have been under-estimated for years!
• And our top tip: Turn everything off that uses water & take a look at your meter. If it’s still turning & showing a flow then yes, you may well have a leak. Call Token Engineering the water leakage experts on 01744 636979 and we’ll do our best to help.

Water Leak Repairs: Once the leak is identified, Token Engineering has the skills, experience & expertise to excavate the site causing as little disruption as possible. We will then repair or replace the pipe as appropriate & reinstate the works to the highest possible standard.

Leaking water pipe

Excavation soon uncovered the source of the water leak…

Repaired water leak by Token Engineering, Merseyside

…which was promptly repaired by Token Engineering specialists.



We take a pride in our high quality of groundworks, Token Engineering is Streetworks accredited, holds the CITB Passport to Safety and aims to treat all our clients, customers & leak site residents or staff with courtesy, respect & to minimise disruption as much as practicable.